Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Reading List

This is a list of what I read for my classes here at the American House. Out of the three programs I've done in Russia, this one has by far been my favorite. You just can't beat one-on-one language instruction--especially for three hours a day.

The program lets you choose how you want to spend those three hours, and I went the route of reading things in Russian and then discussing them with my teacher. In 20 days we read 23 different works including shorts stories, poetry and songs.

My amazing teacher, Nelly, picked a variety of works for me to read, going back and forth between the classics like Bunin and Chekhov to modern writers like Erofeev and Tolstaya. We read things that covered the high literary style to works that used a lot of slang. I now know heaps of different ways of saying breasts in Russian.

What I Will Think,
The Threshold,
Tomorrow, Tomorrow
Enemy & Friend
Erofeev-Solzhenitsyn & James Bond
Naked Beach
Rubina-Such a Long Life
Petrushevskaya-Chopin & Mendehlsson
Kochetkov-Ballad of the Wagon
Chekhov-The Joke
Death of an Administrator
Narbikova-The Watch
Kobal'-The Teapot
Istomin-God Collects Coins
Popov- How They Ate The Rooster
Grin-The Green Lamp
Bunin-Clean Monday
Light Breathing
Paternak-Winter Night
Akhmatova-Half-open Door

On my own time I read the following Chekhov plays:
On the Road
The Proposal
The Wedding
The Bear
A Tragedian in Spite of Himself
The Anniversary
Three Sisters

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