Friday, August 26, 2011

The Last Days of Summer

The beginning of the school year always feels like the end of summer for me. Oh, I know that there are still a few more weeks before it officially ends, but being back on grounds makes me realize that this summer went by in the blink of an eye.

I find myself looking at all the photos that I took this summer, and wondering how there are so many things that I swore that I would do this summer and yet never got to do them.

Luckily, I can look back on these photos and see all the amazing things I did get to do this summer. Plus, I can look back at all the little things that make the summer so great.

Like sunsets on rivers.

And giant dishes of gelato.

And finding utterly appropriate kitchenware from my favorite store that I absolutely need, but cannot afford.

Despite all of the things I'm going to miss about this summer, one of the things I am most looking forward to is the return of this little guy:

It's been months since I've seen my favorite little guy, and I cannot wait until he is here on Sunday.

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