Monday, December 19, 2011

Cookiepalooza 2011

This is first year in quite a few years that I have not decorated my house for Christmas. Even though I usually spend most of December and January in New Jersey, in the past I have still put up my tiny tree and my ever-growing pile of Christmas decorations. Despite the fact that I love Christmas, it was stressful to come back late January with all of my luggage from my time in NJ, and find my house still fully decorated for Christmas nearly a month after the holiday.

I decided that this year I would skip decorating my house for the holiday, and hope that I could still get in the Christmas spirit. Luckily, I had two very brilliant friends who decided that making a bunch of Christmas cookies from a recent Washington Post article was the thing to do this weekend.

It was nearly nine solid hours of cookie baking with 7 different types of cookies by the end of the night.

Christmas spirit? Oh yeah, it's there.

Tonight, for my last night in Cville in 2011, I'm hosting Bunco for my friends. There will be wine, loads of Christmas cookies and just a bit of Christmas spirit.

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