Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lago di Como

I've been lucky enough to have visitors during my stay in Italy. First, my friend Alex came over for a way too brief weekend visit where we explored Florence and made a quick trip to lovely little Lucca. Alex was my roommate on my first trip to Russia in 2003, so it was our 10 year anniversary of being abroad together. Next up was my best friend Meredith. Since I had class while Mer was here it meant our travels were contained to the weekends. Since Mer arrived on a Friday, it meant she had to hop off the plane & jump right on a train so we could explore Lake Como. She was a trooper--I'm not sure I could have fought off the jetlag as well as she did.

The lake is pretty much what you expect it to be--gorgeous, breathtaking, stunning, etc. I kept asking Mer, "Why don't we live here? Why would anyone want to live anywhere but here?" We stayed at the Parco San Marco resort for our brief trip, and were spoiled by the incredible view from our balcony and the free room service breakfast.

We spent the rest of our day moving from the various pools to the lake and back again, and capped the afternoon off by playing on the waterslide.

On our final day we took a boat ride to the town of Bellagio where we shopped for silk scarves (what the area is famous for), and had lunch at a great little enoteca where the staff sliced the proscuitto right in front of us. The local wines were 2 euros a glass, and Mer and I lamented once again that we didn't live there.

It was a quick trip, but we saw enough to know that Lake Como is definitely a place we have to visit again (and again and again and again).

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