Monday, July 19, 2010

Burnt by the Sun

I didn't want to post two things in one day, but I think I should probably try to convey how hot Russia is right now. There's a heat wave in the U.S. right now too, but the U.S. is a country equip to deal with heat. If you don't want to face temperatures in the 90s you can just stay indoors all day, or sit under an umbrella by the pool. Your total exposure time to the heat can be limited to 15 or twenty minutes. Maybe less running from your air conditioned house to your air conditioned car.

It's been interesting living in a country that has no real ways of dealing with the heat. Houses here for the average person do not have AC. That means that you're exposed to the heat at all times. Sometimes the temperature inside is higher than the temperature outside. There's no escaping it.

So to try to explain how hot it is here, here are some examples:

-1200 people have drowned in the past month trying to cool off in lakes & rivers
-There are nightly reports of accidents on major roads because the asphalt has melted and cars either get stuck or slide off the road
-Speaking of which, they were putting down new asphalt near a fellow student's apartment last week, and it was so hot out that the asphalt couldn't set so instead rivers of asphalt slid down the sewers.
-There's a host of ambulances hanging out around Red Square because the bricks/cobblestones are reaching temperatures of 117 degrees and people are passing out left & right there.

In conclusion: it is hot as balls.

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