Monday, November 14, 2011

Glass House Winery

Glass House is another favorite winery of mine. It's one of those places that I just can't get enough of. It's one of the newer wineries in the area, but what makes it stand out is the beautiful glass house within the winery with its beautiful tropical plants. I mean, really, what's better than drinking a glass of perfectly chilled white wine beneath banana and cinnamon plants?

The winery has a lot going for it other than the glass house, and some pretty delicious wine. One of the owners is a chocolate chef, and each tasting comes with a bit of her homemade chocolate. They are so good, that when my guy and I went there back in August the box of 4 chocolates we purchased didn't even make it to our house. We ate them in the car on the way home. With flavors like salted caramel and early grey tea, saving them for later was more of a challenge than we could stand.

The other selling point? They sell chocolate wine. Not that gross Yoohoo looking stuff, but this beautiful garnet red wine that the chocolate making owner created. Anytime I take someone to Glass House, they are always hesitant to try this one, but after one sip they're converted. It's this beautiful rich red wine with just the tiniest hint of chocolate aftertaste. It is divine.

My Mom is coming to visit me this week, and this is one of the wineries that I can't wait to take her to.

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