Monday, October 10, 2011

Marbleized Manicure: First Attempt

I should never be allowed to have free time. When I have free time, I spend it pouring over the different craft ideas on Pinterest, and attempting them on my own.

I was shockingly productive today, and did nearly everything on my to-do list, so I decided to spend the night catching up on old episodes of Weeds, and attempting to give myself a marbleized manicure--something that has been on my Pinterest to-do list for a while now. The process is shockingly easy if you're patient, and I think with a few more attempts I'll have it nailed down. It's definitely a fun task for a lazy night.

I used the tutorial here. This is going to be my fun nail polish for all the upcoming holidays. I think black, silver & white will look pretty fantastic for Halloween.

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