Monday, May 14, 2012

A Good Weekend

This was one of those weekends where everything worked out perfectly, and yet nothing was planned. At the last minute, my boyfriend and I decided to take a little trip up to New Hope, PA after he finished work on Sunday. We were halfway to the little town, when I said, "Hey! We're always talking about stopping for a wine tasting at one of the wineries up here, why don't we do that today?" When deciding which one to visit, I remembered that my mom said that she was pretty sure that relatives on my birth father's side of the family owned one called Buckingham Valley, so we decided to stop there.

And guess what? Yes, the owners are my relatives. We chatted briefly about the family connection, and we got to sample some of their wines. The rest of the afternoon was spent eating a very late lunch/early dinner in New Hope & visiting the extremely weird stores there (there's a store there that sells bird cages *and* photos from funerals, no I don't understand the connection there either). The rest of the weekend was full of relaxing on the back deck, and enjoying some fabulous meals.
Grilled Steak with corn on the cob, baked potato and pea shoots

Breakfast this morning, eggs cooked in a bread bowl topped with cheddar cheese and bacon.

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