Friday, May 4, 2012

Summer Nostalgia: Spain

It's happening, just as I knew it would. I'm incredibly homesick--for travel. This is the first summer in five years that I will not being traveling abroad for the bulk of the summer. I am very excited about staying stateside this summer. I have friends moving out of town, and it would make me very sad not to spend time with them before I go. I get to spend time with my boyfriend instead of scheduling 2am Skype sessions with him.
Still, I've been programmed over the past five years to think May=the start of my travels.
When I traveled with Semester at Sea, I did not keep up this blog. Everyone else on the ship did, and I just got exhausted of all the blog talk. Now, of course, I'm kicking myself, wishing I had spent more time preserving the memories of where I ate, the things I saw. Luckily, I have enough pictures to help me fill in the blanks.
That being said, I am traveling this summer, although not for the months at a time like I am used to. I'm heading to Florida for 16 days to celebrate my Mom's 60th birthday, and there is a tropical family vacation planned for the end of the summer.

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