Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I was obsessed with the idea of maxi dresses last year. I loved the look, but sadly, every dress I tried on did not love my barely 5'5 frame. I looked either engulfed by the dress or like I was trying to become Morticia Adams, when semi-helpful stylists tried to put me in black maxi dresses. I figured it a trend for tall girls only. However, I began to see short girls on the street, and shorter bloggers rocking the maxi dress, and so I doubled my effort this year to find the right one for me. I lucked out by finding a beautiful navy blue one at Anthropologie that just worked for me. I discovered the perfect combination for me is a semi form fitting dress, in a not-so-severe color plus heels. Big jewelry (for me it was a gold belt, my new gold watch & a chunky necklace) broke up the solid color of the dress nicely. I'm so excited to wear this look this summer.

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