Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Puerto Rico Dreaming

We booked a trip to Puerto Rico ages ago thanks to a Groupon deal. My family, my boyfriend and I are renting a villa in a small town in Puerto Rico. Admittedly, we're a little nervous since it's a Groupon deal *and* we weren't thrilled with the last place we rented in Miami (not via Groupon, but a rental agency). While everything online makes our villa seem pretty fantastic--personal chef, daily baskets of fresh local fruits delivered to us, welcoming baskets of rum and local beer, we wanted to add in a another layer of safety just in case we weren't thrilled.

So for our last few days in Puerto Rico, we'll be staying at a nice hotel. Not just a nice hotel, but the Ritz Carlton. The hotel has its own private beach, a gorgeous pool and is right in Old San Juan--a place that I loved on my first visit there. It will be a perfect little spot of luxury before we hop back on the plane back home.

I booked the hotel rooms for us today, and I can taste the poolside pina coladas already.

All pictures via the Ritz Carlton's website.

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