Saturday, June 7, 2008

Beautiful but Frozen

First off, I can't receive phone calls while here or check voicemail. The lovely folks at AT&T do not have a calling abroad package that includes good ol'Mother Russia so it's a staggering $4.99 a minute to call or check my voicemail. I've received a bunch of calls the past few days from numbers in Georgia and Virginia, but I can't pick up. If that's anyone reading this, I'm sorry!

Last night I got to see Pink Floyd perform "Dark Side of the Moon" live on Winter Palace Square. How amazing is that? It was an incredible experience not only for the music, but for the sheer number of people there. Thousands of people just standing around (Drinking of course, this is Russia, afterall) and listening to music.

This upcoming Thursday is Russia Day and there's the European Union Economic Forum going on here, so there's a whole host of cool events happening in the city. Tonight there's a laser light show happening on the bridges and then they're apparently raising the bridges and showing movies on them. Not sure how well that will work (and you can be darn sure I'll be watching it from the island I live on in case anything does go horribly wrong), but we'll have to see.

Prior to the Pink Floyd show I went to a free Russian folk and choir concert at St. Isaac's Cathedral. It was a wonderful performance. The acoustics of that place are incredible. Also cool was the fact that they let us take pictures for free. Usually there's a charge for taking pictures inside the church, but that was waived last night. I got some gorgeous pictures.

I'm off now to go do some damage to the bank account at Dom Knigi (The house of books) and then go find a little tea house to go write some postcards.

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