Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Wonder that is Terminal Five

My flight from Philadelphia connected to Saint Petersburg through London, which means I got to check out the lovely new Terminal 5 at Heathrow. Oh wow. It's a dangerous little shopping paradise. Harrods, Gucci, Prada, Tiffany's. My little shopping addicted heart was all a'flutter.

With nearly five hours to kill before my next flight I wandered around. I had visions of buying fabulous new handbags, but a vision of the fine folks at Citibank waiting for me upon my return to the U.S. with credit card statement in hand brought those visions to a grinding halt.

Instead I window shopped which was a pleasant enough distraction. The people at Tiffany's were kind enough to clean my beaded necklace for me since it was horribly tarnished. That killed a little time, and I got to drool all over the pretty baubles.

If I fly out of London after this trip, I cannot promise that I will be as well behaved. There's just too much temptation there for me to not to do some damage to my bank account.

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