Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm terrible at updating

I thought I'd be better at this than I am. I only get about a half hour to an hour of internet time a day, and by the time I read and reply to emails, my time is over.

Life have been crazy and busy! This is my last week in the 'burg, and I'm rushing around trying to see everything there is to see.

Our group went to Novgorod on Saturday. It's so beautiful there. Novgorod is one of the oldest cities in Russia, and has absolutely beautiful architecture. I was very sad that the St. George Monastry had a fire last month, and a bunch of the beautiful centuries old frescos were destroyed.

We had a nice lunch at the restaurant that everyone goes to when they go to Novgorod. It involved honey wine and blini so I was an extremely happy camper.

Afterwards our guide took us to look at the excavation site that is inside the kremlin there, and it was really interesting to see centuries of bricks and stones under cross section.

On Sunday I went to Peterhof. If you've ever seen the pictures of all of the swanky gold fountains-that's Peterhof. The weather cooperated that day so it was absolutley a perfect day for walking around. I was able to take about 100 great pictures. It was nice just to be outside and enjoying the pretty scenery.

After we (my friend Veronica & I) walked around for hours, we met up with two more friends, and had Chinese food there! What a treat! I love Russian food, but after a solid month of it, I was really excited for a different cuisine. It tasted *NOTHING* like American Chinese food (which apparently tastes nothing like real Chinese food, so I suppose it's a fair trade), but it was still delicious.

Yesterday I went to the Russian Museum, which unlike the Hermitage, houses art by Russian artists. To drown out the hundreds of tour groups, I put my ipod on and wandered around for a good 5 hours. I loved being able to just relax and just enjoy the art. I also mailed out my postcards from the post office in the Russian Museum. If they don't manage to make it to the U.S., it's the Russian Museum's fault.

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