Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Joys of St. Petersburg in the Summer

St. Petersburg isn't all sunshine and piroshkis. For a few weeks each summer, the different areas lose hot water while the pipes are being repaired/cleaned/something I don't really understand happens. Of course this would happen while I'm here. This means no hot water for approximately 3 weeks. To coincide with this, the weather has been absolutely awful-ice cold rain, grey skies-just the right combination to make sure that you never really feel warm. Blergh.

Despite all that, I'm having a grand old time. I got to see a ton of sights over the past few days including the uhmmmm dismembered and jarred man bits of Rasputin (sorry mom!). It was...interesting. Also got rid of the nasty pickle habit I've developed since being here. Less disgusting sights have included the Battleship Aurora, which fired the first shots of the Russian Revolution, and the cabin that Peter the Great lived in while the city was being built. I know, it sounds a little boring, but it's great stuff for a Russophile like me.

Tomorrow is Russia Day so we have no classes tomorrow or Friday. There's loads going on in the city, so it'll be a good time for certain. There's some kind of music festival going on, so of course I'll be there. Our group is doing a boat tour on Saturday through the canals of the city.

I got to Skype with the Mama Llama today which makes me really happy because it was weird to go from talking to her half a dozen times a day to not at all.

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