Friday, June 10, 2011

A Little Snow in the Spring

Last night I was about 60% certain I was having an appendicitis in the middle of the night so I'm taking it easy today, and going to spend the day reading & ignoring my achy abdomen.

Right now in Moscow it looks as though it's snowing, but the white stuff on the ground is not of the frozen rain variety. What it really is is the pollen of poplar trees. The white stuff is called pukh (pronounced pooh--or the sound you'd make if one of the little fuzzballs got stuck to your lip).

It's pretty when it falls to the ground, but man is it all over the place. When I come in from a day on the town, my hair is coated in a fluffy layer of the stuff. As I get ready for bed, I'll find clumps of it in my purse, in my pockets, down my shirt...everywhere. I don't doubt that when I get home from Russia, I'll find the little fluff balls for many weeks after my return. Out here at Vikhino (the closest metro station to the dorm) the pukh isn't that bad yet, but when we took an excursion downtown yesterday, it was so thick in that area of Moscow there were swirling piles of it that were several inches high. It made for a very silent walk to and from the Chekhov House as everyone kept their mouths clamped shut to avoid ingesting the stuff.

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