Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lock and Key

One of my favorite things about repeatedly visiting the same city over and over again is finding things that you never knew were there. The thing that currently has me falling in love with Saint Petersburg is The Bridge of Kisses.

I knew of the bridge, of course, but I'd never seen the locks on the bridge until a tour guide pointed them out. The idea is that newly married couples place a lock on the bridge & then toss the key into one of the canals. I knew this was done in Florence, Italy, but never realized that it was a tradition here as well.

Maybe it's the bright sunshine, or just the pleasure at being back in Petersburg after three years away from it, but I'm completely in love with the tradition.

I'm going to head back to the bridge tomorrow to grab some more shots that will work well in black & white. I have a pretty fun idea (that I picked up thanks to Pinterest) of how to display them in my house.

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