Monday, April 9, 2012

A Cville Weekend

It's no secret that I am in love with my town. It would be difficult to not love Charlottesville in the Spring, but as I'm gearing up to write a new article about my town, I'm trying to really pay attention to the things that make Charlottesville a special place. Luckily for me, doing this type of research is not a hardship.

The weekend started out pretty early on Saturday morning. My completely badass friend & colleague Kat ran her first half marathon, so I got up bright and early to cheer her on. It was my first time watching a half marathon/marathon, and I highly recommend the experience because it's such a cool atmosphere. It's so cool watching people run across the finish line because most of the people look so thrilled.* I loved listening to the announcers call out the names of the people completing the race & some encouragement to go along with it.

After the marathon, it was time for one of my favorite things about Charlottesville ever--The City Market. For me, that's pretty much how I know it's well and truly Spring. Saturday's market was the first one of the season, and I was blow away by how much was already there. Typically the first one of the year is pretty sparse, but there were so many starter plants & a surprising number of fruits and veggies ready to be purchased.

On top of that, there were loads of food stands and music acts to entertain the crowds (and it was plenty crowded).

The temptation to buy some starter plants for my porch was really strong because there were so many cool plants there already, but since I'll be away for a good part of this week, I had to resist temptation. Another great weekend. I'm looking forward to a summer full of them.

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  1. Before watching E. run his half and full marathon I never imagined what a fun spectator sport it could be!