Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Hub

My family has had a house in Florida for just over four years. Prior to this purchase, my trips to Florida always focused on the east coast & Miami--especially Miami. When they were looking for a place, I rattled off a list of my favorite east coast Florida towns, and was a little disappointed when they announced that the new house was on the Gulf coast.

And then I took a trip there for two weeks over my Christmas break, and instantly fell in love with the Gulf coast. While Miami is always buzzing, our little area is laid back and built for relaxation.

Each time I go down there, I discover new favorites, but there are always a few places I have to go back to, or else the trip feels incomplete. I absolutely adore Siesta Key Beach. It's consistently voted one of the best beaches in the world for its powder soft sand, and its crystal clear blue water.

Just off the beach is a little restaurant called The Hub, which for me, is the signal that vacation has started. There's nothing like sitting on the patio with a giant margarita (happy hour goes from 11am-6pm, which I love, of course) with a big plate of chips & fresh grouper tacos.

I'm returning to Florida in just over a month, and already that seems too far away.

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