Monday, March 12, 2012

Cooking into the Spring

Ever since I returned from my Winter Break, I have been cooking up a storm. Since I live by myself, I often resort to quick (but still homemade) meals. Often they're pretty generic--simple pasta dishes from my childhood, but not exactly a balanced meal.

However, thanks to the wonderfully addictive world of Pinterest my love of cooking has been renewed. I've found so many delicious, yet easy to make dishes. Here have been a few of my favorite.

This is Coconut Chicken with a Fruit Salsa. I first made this for my friends who have just had a baby so that they would have a healthy meal without having to cook it for themselves. I liked this dish so much that I've made it three times since then. The combination of the hot jalepeno with sweet coconut works so well.

Another new favorite is Salmon with Hoisin Glaze and spicy vegetables (I toss in sliced peppers & whatever other veggies I have on hand). Honestly, I don't even really like salmon, but this recipe is perfect.

This is a picture of my breakfast salad. This recipe was so good that I had it for dinner three nights in a row. I doctored the original recipe a bit--adding in grape tomatoes, avocado, shaved Parmesan cheese and topped it with a bit of lemon juice and olive oil.

Of course, no meal would be complete without dessert. I've been keeping it simple (and maybe vaguely healthy?) with lemon sorbet topped with a homemade raspberry and strawberry puree.

I cannot wait for the local market to get started again soon. I'm looking forward to cooking with fresh local fruits and veggies.

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