Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Destination #3: Petaluma, Napa & Sonoma

Another one of my favorite things? Introducing one group of friends to another. I love being able to say, "Hey, you are a very cool person, you should meet this other really cool person that I know." It makes me really happy when people I know form a new friendship.

On this leg of the trip I got to introduce my traveling companions to some lovely former traveling companions, and man, was it fun.

We got to explore the achingly lovely town of Petaluma, California as well as venture off to the renown wineries of California.

This part of the trip felt especially decadent. We sat on stone patios drinking sparkling wines with a perfect view of rolling vine filled hills in front of us. We found tiny cafes and indulged in massive cheese plates that featured local produce. We drank good local beer, and played with one of the coolest 5 year olds I know.

We got to explore concept gardens, and enjoy the temporary warm weather that as been tough to find on the trip.

And for our good bye? An amazing breakfast of pancakes and fresh fruit followed by a concert performed by our generous and kind hosts.

What a fantastic way to start the California portion of our road trip.

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