Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Destination: Los Angeles

I'm writing this from my mom's couch in New Jersey, and yet I still can't believe that the roadtrip is over. Isn't that how trips always go? One minute you're in the planning phase, thinking that the day to leave will never get here, and then suddenly you're back with a camera full of pictures.

Los Angeles was our final destination for the road trip. Both Jessica and I had been to LA before, and because of this didn't have an overwhelming desire to spend more time there. Our encounter with the dreaded 405 on the way down to San Diego only further convinced us to avoid LA proper during our last few days there.

Instead we bummed around the small cities on the outskirts of LA--Santa Monica, Venice, Thousand Oaks, etc. where we spent time sunning ourselves poolside and eating way too much unhealthy food. In short? It was the perfect way to end our two week adventure.

So now I find myself back in New Jersey for only a few short weeks before the school year begins, trying to figure out how the heck two weeks could have gone by so quickly.

Although it's only been two days, I miss my traveling companions dearly--sleeping talking, sarcasm and all. Once again I've realized how incredibly lucky I am to be able to do things like this. How many people get to skip out on real life for two weeks to drive around the West Coast with two truly amazing people?

So thank you to all the people that hosted us, feed us and entertained us during this trip. Even when traveling with friends hotels can get lonely. That so many people let us stay with them and share food with them was a treat. And thank you to my traveling companions. Everyone should be so lucky as to travel with two awesome Aussies.

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