Sunday, July 24, 2011

Destination: San Diego & Comic Con 2011

This is my not-so-secret confession: I am a comic book nerd. As my mom continually reminds me I have about 2,000 comic books stashed away at her house (usually followed by an exasperated "When the hell are you going to take them to Virginia?!"). As a preteen/teen I loved Marvel Comics. So to find myself in San Diego during Comic Con was a bit of a thrill.

Landing in San Diego during the event was not planned, and comic book geeks being the devoted lot that they are meant that tickets had sold out last year. However, the event pretty much takes over the entire city which there was plenty to do and see outside of the conference itself.

The mayhem on the streets did not disappoint. The fans dressed up as various characters were wild. It was a blast trying to find favorites.

The event did take away from our ability to see San Diego as a city. Many stores and cafes gave up their normal identities in favor of ones that tied in to movies and TV shows (the SyFy cafe, the Cowboys vs. Aliens Saloon, etc.). Luckily my local friend (another fantastic hostess) showed us one of her favorite restaurants where we indulged in delicious Mexican food.

To top the night off, a random walk toward comic con took us past a movie preview where we got to meet the insanely pretty Carey Mulligan and the handsome Guy Pearce.

Oh, look at that cheesin' smile on me in that first picture. So embarrassing. All in all San Diego was hilariously entertaining.

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  1. Great photos! Love the guy dressed like Gambit...he's my favorite X-men!