Thursday, July 21, 2011

On the Road

Yesterday was the true road part of our road trip. In one day we had to get from Monterey to San Diego. We could have gone the boring way by taking the highway straight down the middle of the state, or we could cruise the slower but famous Pacific Coast Highway. How can you say no to that view?

It's not an easy drive. The roads are harrowingly windy, to the point that we had to stop at an overpriced general store in Big Sur to load up on pretzels and Dramamine. It was the first time I've ever been car sick while driving. Geraldine, our car, chugged along while consuming way too much fuel (three petrol stops were required).

However, all of the car sickness and tank refills were well worth it for all of the wild things we saw.

Like miles of elephant seals.

And overly friendly squirrels.

And an inexplicable field of zebras(which thanks to Google we now know belong to the Hearst estate).

Overall, the drive took over twelve hours(thank you 405 rush hour), but was totally worth every second of it.

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